Another rewarding, collaborative experience to create the broadcast design support for FOX's The Cleaning Lady. Originally conceived with a simple sketch, before there was even a show, this look was curated and developed over months by talented and creative people and we are truly thrilled and proud to have been a part of it.
Produced at FOX by Visual Innovation Studio
SVP: Ian MacRitchie // VP: Jesse Hallas // Director Of Operations: Jeff Hazan
Design Director: Dan Pierse // Motion Graphics Design Director: Julie Zack
Design/Animation/Compositing: Julie Zack
Assisting Artists: Ramona Clarke // Ana Lossada // Daniel Robichaud
Special Shoot: Christopher Webb FXWRX
We have a general approach to development, sometimes grabbing scrap, looking for reference, and then sometimes chatting, brainstorming and sketching, which is what happened in this instance. Incredibly, all these sketches were done by Julie in a matter of 15 minutes, a stream of creative consciousness that provided a bounty of ideas. But, one undeniably stood out.
That's all it took, three words, SPONGE / SOAP / BLOOD, and a very satisfying checkmark.
Because this concept was so custom, it was too difficult to find stock or other elements that would satisfy the needs of the creative. After getting some supplies at Home Depot, some lateral thinking and the gracious assistance of Ramona Clarke and her creativity and cinematography skills, we mounted an element shoot in my carport.
This created footage elements that were lovingly composited into the manifestation of that first sketch by Julie, and were used in the initial marketing campaign for The Cleaning Lady.
Original Animations/Styleframes
Julie and Ramona also executed incredible additional looks to support and give a selection of choice to management.
Additional Look Styleframes
Because of the positive reaction to what we achieved in the "Carport Shoot", we received support to expand upon the concept into a full package for the premiere of the series. For this, there was no question that this would go to our frequent collaborator and creative force, Christopher Webb at FXWRX. His deep knowledge of how to execute and capture ideas, as well as creative problem solving, really took this to another level. This was shot in his studio in Brooklyn, and huge thanks to him as well as his crew for being so accommodating and supportive to create this amazing source and collateral.
He has a BTS of this process that where you can really see his magic at work.
Now supported by a deep selection of amazing footage, Julie worked her magic in compositing into the final look. I am always so thrilled to see things transform into the vision under capable hands. No small feat considering the massive amount of elements needed for an entire toolkit and on-air marketing campaign.
Final Broadcast Look
And here is just one of many promos that we supported with this creative, achieving what we set out to do with that one simple sketch, six months prior. It's validating to see our creative hold firm next to the show footage and elevate each other.
An enormous thanks to all involved in making this happen. Go Team.
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