Another extremely rewarding team effort brought the world of Oak Bluffs to the promo graphics of FOX's Our Kind Of People. I can't overstate this enough. Just one of those times were everyone's individual talents and dedication just clicked. The idea was to compliment the amazing work done on the key art for this campaign, to create a world of generational wealth, history and strength through portraiture, yet still having the story be altered and re-written with new brush strokes. I can't express enough gratitude to be part of such a great team to pull off something so ambitious and original.
Produced at FOX Visual Innovation Studio
SVP, Design: Ian MacRitchie
VP, Design: Jesse Hallas
Director, Design: Dan Pierse
Design and Animation:
Kellen Summers
Julie Zack
Jason Forman
Ramona Clarke
Jason Smart
Oak Bluffs location photography
Using masterful trickery and artistic capabilities, the team worked seamlessly to all add to the creation of these backgrounds, based off imagery from location photography. An amazing collage of merged imagery layered with custom paint strokes from our amazing resident traditional painter, Kellen Summers.
click for high rez and all the goodness
cropped and optimized for broadcast
Once the imagery was finalized, it was painstakingly animated layer by layer, as well as custom paint distortion effects developed by our team. Below is an example of how just one background of many created all came together in motion.
And once all of these elements are generated and finished, a toolkit is created and we start support spots, like the one below, named "Power".
now just relax and watch the clouds gently roll by...
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