Hello, Animals Friends. Been such an exciting experience developing and creative directing the main titles for FOX's Animal Control. An incredible amount of custom work....I mean literally ALL OF IT....was completely by our amazing Team with humor and personality for miles. Multi-disciplinary work, both design and animation, all falling together in flow.

Thanks to Julie Zack for the amazing original concept, styleframes and design language we built all this from and the insane custom brushwork and animations.  Jason Forman for being the raddest Lead(er) Animator and taking the animation to the next level and sharing the knowledge, and the funniest passwords ever, with the rest of us. Design, Animation and Rigging by the ever enthusiastic and talented Ana Cristina Lossada and Mike Stelmar and Ramona Clarke...and funniest concepts too!!!
And I would be remiss to not mention our ringer riggers and animators Michael WynneDavid Miramontes and Brian Kim that brought us all the way home.

Huge thanks to Ian MacRitchieJesse Hallas and Jeffrey Hazan for their creativity, guidance, support and confidence in the Team, as well as the great partners at Animal Control for encouraging us to make something so unique. 

Original Score by Nick Urata
Breakdown and BTS coming soon!
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